Benefits of CBD Skincare

"I always say CBD offers a three-pronged skincare approach - it's anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory," said Juneja. "In terms of an antioxidant on the skin, it provides a missing particle that a free radical can bond with, stopping it from going on to cause DNA damage. As for anti-inflammatory properties, we know that skin ageing and inflammation go hand in hand, and CBD helps to combat oxidative stress.

Hemp seed oil in itself is a moisturiser and is rich in fatty acids, so it's still a strong skincare ingredient. But, if you're looking specifically for CBD skincare, it's worth reading the fine print to check your product of choice actually has CBD and not just hemp. 

While standard hemp seed oil has been popular in beauty for a long time (as well as the textile industry), it's only recently that research has started to emerge suggesting the benefits of CBD - hence why it's seen as the hot new thing. "Studies have shown that we have something called an endocannabinoid system, which stimulates certain responses within your cell receptors. It affects your skin, brain, lungs - it's quite far-reaching," noted Juneja.

These receptors, known as CB1 and CB2, have the sole purpose of processing cannabinoids, which means your body is always ready to absorb the benefits of CBD. CB1 is found in the brain and nervous system (CB2 is found in more of the peripheral organs), which sheds some light as to why it can help quell anxiety and ease stress. "Topically, it can't affect your mood," said Juneja, "But taking it orally in the form of a little bit of oil under the tongue can."

Hemp is a long-standing beauty workhorse, and plenty of the other ingredients commonly found in facial serums and creams alongside hemp like Vitamin E, tocopherol and hyaluronic acid have brilliant restorative and rejuvenating properties - they just might not have CBD properties. Whatever you choose, as long as you feel calmer for using or applying it, you're one step closer to that serenity anyway.

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