Hemp Green x IMP CBD Heat Sticks
Hemp Green x IMP CBD Heat Sticks
Hemp Green x IMP CBD Heat Sticks
Hemp Green x IMP CBD Heat Sticks

Hemp Green x IMP CBD Heat Sticks

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IMP CBD Heat Stick is a natural, healthy, yet innovation driven "Heat-Not-Burn" product that provides the most healthy way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Our 2nd Generations CBD encapsulation technology preserves the natural integrity of hemp, yet providing a safe and legit MTL. The capsule shape of IMP comes from our decades of experiences and technology innovation in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Naturally grown and 100% harvested by hand from our Northern California farm, a world-wide known region for best quality hemp cultivation, located in Dixon, CA

IMP STICK is made from granular aerosolizing bead-lets from our patented homogenizing spray-coating process. Three-piece cartridge structure creates natural cooling effect; no cooling materials used to avoid release of potential harmful substances with aerosol.


  • Uniform content of CBD, better control of each puff intake.
  • Pure natural raw materials release hemp strong unique flavour, IMP STICK provides the most natural way to use CBD.
  • Aerosol is delivered into body through lung, the absorption rate is significantly higher than any other forms of CBD products, such as tincture, topical etc.
  • Granular Materials used together with customized device enable uniform heat transfer and high release efficiency of CB.
  • Innovative manufacturing ensures main ingredient spray-coated evenly and released stably during puffing.

Main ingredients: Hemp Fiber, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Cellulose. (No THC, No Nicotine, No Tar)

Flavor: Original Cannabinoid Terpene Profile.

Strain Profile: Hybrid with Indica Dominant.

Specification: (10 stick-pack) 10mg/stick, 10 sticks/pack, 10 packs/carton (100 sticks/carton).

Usage: around 15 puffs/stick


  • IMP STICK is 100% compatible with the mainstream HNB device such as IQOS.
  • After preheating, each single cartridge can be puffed for 15 times, the maximum puffing duration.
  • We are committed to develop more suitable device and bring you the ultimate experience.


  • Fibers and CBD extract derived from industrial hemp retain the original flavour of cannabinoids.
  • Capsule made from natural plant with high standard pharmaceutical-grade, no harmful substances are released through pyrolysis under device heating temperature.
  • Aerosolizing agents are food grade materials.
  • Compared to emissions released from conventions cigarette during
    puffing IMP STICK is safer for consumption.
  • According to the test results, aerosol from IMP products contains no
    tar, no heavy metals, no flavourings and no harmful substances.

DEVICE USE STEPS (Device Sold Separately)

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the vibration is felt

IMP STICK is inserted without rotating when preheating starts. Pre-Heating duration is 20 seconds.

When three lights are on and device vibrates again, you can enjoy IMP STICK.

The last 30 seconds are indicated by which the lights blink and device vibrates, then the device will switch off automatically.

Remove cartridge and clean HNB device.

*Note: The operation is more or less varies for devices from different brands

  • No nicotine and tar, no addiction caused.
  • No artificial flavorings, only original terpenes
  • Natural material with no harmful substances released while puffing
  • 100% bio-availability
  • The best cost performance provided Clinical data has shown IMP stick helps reduce inflammation, relieves pain, soothes nerves, counters anxiety, etc.
  • Overall Immune Boost
  • IMP before bed for instant calm and relaxation, and increases your deep sleep time.
  • IMP is the most healthy way to quit conventional cigarettes; effectively counters nicotine craving anxiety.
  • IMP is your best friend for artistic brainstorming.