Hemp Green CBD Coffee Beans 500mg
Hemp Green CBD Coffee Beans 500mg
Hemp Green CBD Coffee Beans 500mg
Hemp Green CBD Coffee Beans 500mg

Hemp Green CBD Coffee Beans 500mg

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Costa Rican City Roast

500mg CBD Isolate

Wholebean infused

1lb bag

CBD-infused coffee beans has been snowballing in popularity, and for a good reason. Fans of the CBD coffee claim it eases the mind, relaxes the body, and soothes the soul.

We have managed to achieve perfect balance by pairing sweetly fragrant Caramel Macchiato and Natural Flavor with earthy and herbaceous hemp, on top of the naturally bittersweet coffee. Our CBD extracts are produced from American grown hemp, sourced with the same exacting standards as the coffee beans. Because we produced only the best hemp for each batch, every production run has a unique profile of cannabinoids.

CBD Coffee offers around 20g of beans for approximate 22 mg of CBD per serving, which is a relatively hefty dose of CBD. This CBD-infused brew calms the mind and energizes the body, a perfect way for any coffee lover to start the day.

It’s infused with organically grown hemp extract CBD Isolate so it’s guaranteed free from THC but still offers the synergistic therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids. Each 1 lbs bag has 500 mg of CBD, depending on how strong you make your coffee.

- All-natural pain relief

- Soothe migraines and headaches

- Natural antioxidant

- Better brain function

- Increases energy, decreases anxiety

- Improves your mood

- Suppresses muscle spasms, convulsions and even seizures

- Anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure

- Combating depression and stress

Doubling your antioxidants intake

- Soothing seizures in epilepsy

(Tailor-made products are available, please contact us via email at info@hemp-green.com for more details and wholesale information)