Researchers Discover Possible Defense Against COVID-19, CBD Extract

As the coronavirus pandemic reached the United States, consumers across the country went to their local dispensaries to prepare for their social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Even today, there are dispensaries everywhere dealing with limited stock as a result, which could be due to the immense stress caused by this illness. While there is still a substantial social stigma that goes along with smoking this flower, new research suggests that there may be inherent benefits that no one could’ve predicted – protection from COVID-19.

Taking part in regular smoking sessions won’t exactly stop someone from contracting the coronavirus, but new results discovered by Canadian scientists at the University of Lethbridge suggest that it could help. Ultimately, the goal of their recent study was to find out if the use of cannabis was effective in preventing the virus from residing in the lungs, intestines, and oral cavity. While the study began with a total of 400 cannabis strains, the current work has narrowed down the selection to about a dozen that have the potential to offer a defense against coronavirus.

Rather than testing on human directly, the researchers created artificial human 3D models so they could map out the way that the strains could influence the possibility of infection in the oral, airway, and intestinal tissues. More specifically, they zeroed in on the way each of their extracts changed the ACE2 protein, an enzyme that has been linked to the susceptibility of infection.

Dr. Igor Kovalchuk, a biological scientist and the lead researcher for this study at the University of Lethbridge, commented that there’s a few of the strains that have reduced the ability of the virus to infect. 

In total, the researchers discovered 13 different CBD extracts through their study that could change the levels in ACE2 enzymes. Inherently, with less of this protein, the coronavirus strain has less of the chance to attach itself, reducing the risk of disease. Some of these strains were also able to down-regulate TMPRSS2, a serine protease and another protein associated with contracting COVID-19.

One of the issues with this research is the current lack of peer review, which takes months to complete. Since these results are only recent, there’s no conclusive evidence that cannabis is a cure-all and defense against coronavirus, especially considering that there’s yet to be a perfected balance of THC and CBD. There are many different compounds found in a cannabis extract, and further study will be essential to finding the solution.

 A team of scientists from Canada have identified at least 13 strains of cannabis sativa they believe can aid in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

The President of the United States of America has spent the past few weeks touting a dangerous drug called hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic treatment for COVID-19. Unfortunately, the president’s expertise is in reality TV, not medicine. Several studies have shown that hydroxychloroquine, a drug designed to treat malaria, has dangerous side-effects when used to treat coronavirus, including death.

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